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The Future Workplace CIO Roundtable

This is a podcast episode titled, The Future Workplace CIO Roundtable. The summary for this episode is: <p>The pandemic forever changed the nature of the workplace for information workers. Fueled by the need to quickly pivot to enable remote workers, the industry’s most rapid period of digital transformation increased investment in SaaS and the power of employees to choose the tools they need to be effective. CIOs are now responsible not only for budget, security, and IT systems to power operational excellence, they are also charged with improving employee effectiveness through technology. Join cutting-edge CIOs from Zoom, Yahoo, and Yext as they share their experiences and their insights on the future workplace.</p><p><br></p><p>Conversation highlights:</p><ul><li>What Helen's research can help CIOs understand about today's workplace dynamics</li><li>Distinctions between management focuses and the differences between work and the office</li><li>Using SaaS to empower worker experiences</li><li>SaaS alternatives early in the pandemic</li><li>Shadow IT and the impact it has had on business</li><li>SaaS predictions for 2022: AI, hybrid work, mental health, and collaborative tools</li><li>Modifying team structure to support a more digital workplace-focused team</li></ul>